Last year, TCU Alpha Chi Omega began a new tradition for our Fall Philanthropy event, Paint War.




what is our goal?


The goal of this event is to "Paint Away Domestic Violence" in a way that spreads Domestic Violence Awareness across the TCU community. This event is hosted during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October, and is held on TCU's intramural fields.

what happens at paint war?

Paint War is a field-day style philanthropy event. Before the main event, we had mini-games for teams to compete in to try and win more paint for their team to use during the main event. During the main game, each team is given a white banner with their team name on it. This banner serves as the team's home base and it is each team's goal to get as much paint on other team's banners while keeping yours as clean as possible.

how was it this year?

Last year, we were lucky enough to have 20 teams, filled with other fraternity and sorority members, campus-clubs, and groups of friends, participate in our event. All of the money raised was given directly to the Women's Center of Tarrant County.