A Letter from our President

Iota Lambda at TCU embodies everything that one looks for in an organization: leadership, friendship, and serving the community. However, this sorority is so much more than that.


As Alpha Chi Omegas, we proudly sport our letters throughout campus with a deep sense of pride. I have seen women in this chapter empower, support, and show a deep love for one another that is unmatched. We put our words into action through our service to the Women’s Center of Tarrant County, educating and making those aware about the topical and serious issue of Domestic Violence, striving each semester for academic success, and commemorating our triumphs and successes.


We are so lucky to be able to work towards this common goal of encouragement and empowerment with twelve other Panhellenic sororities here at TCU. Even though we vary in our rituals and ceremonies, we bond over the love of sisterhood, the drive for service and philanthropic events, and the pride of being empowered women and students here at TCU.


Alpha Chi Omegas are so individually unique and are full of passions and aspirations to make TCU a better place (and that’s a difficult task on its own, because TCU is already so great!) Whether you are passionate about theater, sports, SGA, ROTC, academics, community service, there will be an Alpha Chi Omega by your side. Alpha Chi Omega has truly given me my best friends, my home away from my tropical home, and more. I hope you can see why I have placed everything I have into an organization that has poured so much into me.


I am so proud to be an Alpha Chi Omega, and it is truly a privilege to lead and empower these women.


Yours truly,

Annie Dorfman