Each fall, the women of Alpha Chi Omega participate in Panhellenic Formal Recruitment with the goal of gaining more wonderful sisters. We hope you walk through our doors and feel that our house can be your home away from home. For more information on the Panhellenic organization and the recruitment process, visit TCU's Panhellenic Website. Please don't register for recruitment before you have a final transcript from high school. We hope to see you soon!




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2869 Shoshone Trail

Lafayette, CO 80026

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ellen brown

VP Recruitment

Hometown: Destin, FL

Major: Graphic Design

There is no experience on earth like sorority recruitment. While it can be nerve-racking, overwhelming, and chaotic for some, the recruitment experience is truly worth it. For me, it brought my best friends and a lifelong sisterhood. The women of Alpha Chi Omega are special. The feeling of walking through the big red doors for the first time during recruitment, is one I will never forget. Round after round, I remember returning to Alpha Chi Omega and feeling so loved by the women who instantly became my biggest cheerleaders, role models, and family. This chapter has brought endless memories and a bond like no other. Becoming VP Recruitment gave me not only an opportunity to share my love for this chapter but also an opportunity to welcome the next generation of women into those big red doors. Therefore, I urge you to find your home at TCU wherever it may be! Because there is truly no place like home, or in my opinion,

Alpha Chi Omega.

Taryn Weltzin

VP Recruitment Information

Hometown: Lafayette, CO

Major: Speech Language Pathology

Minors: Child Development

From the very moment I walked into Alpha Chi Omega in 2018 I knew that it was home, and not in the cheesy way that you hear when you go thru recruitment, but in the way that I knew these women were going to consistently walk beside me through the four most transformative years of my life. Throughout my time in Alpha Chi Omega I realized that I could share this feeling with the future of Alpha Chi by running for VP Recruitment Information. My hope is to share a glimpse into the sisterhood, I have been so lucky to experience, with the women who will walk thru the doors during the recruitment process. I believe that being a member of this chapter is something unique and so special because of the community, strength, and deep relationships that we cultivate in each other, something that I believe will last past my four years here at TCU. 

anna grace middleton

Asst. Recruitment

Hometown: Little Rock, AK
Major: Psychology & Speech Pathology
Minors: Child Development & Buisness



Asst. Recruitment

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Major: Movement Science

Minors: Religion



Asst. Recruitment

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Major: Youth Advocacy & Educational Studies
Minors: Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies



Asst. Recruitment Information

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Major: Speech Pathology

Minors: Child Development



Asst. Recruitment Information

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Major: Business Marketing &

Business Management

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