why alpha chi?

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"I love being a member of Alpha Chi Omega because I have connected with so many amazing women and I truly feel like I have made life long friends in just my first semester at TCU!! AXO has opened its heart to me and has showed me a whole new world at TCU. Alpha Chi Omega has also given me the opportunity to not only foster amazing relationships with my MC but also give back to the community by spreading awareness about Domestic Violence. The energy and spirit of every member of AXO is truly unforgettable and full of kindness!! So glad I went AXO!!"

MC 21

Bella Niño

"I choose Alpha Chi because I wanted to find the house that I did not have to put on a face in order to fit in. I had never felt so welcomed and loved until I walked in those red doors during recruitment. I have met my best friends throughout the past two years and have made the best of memories while dancing to any Pitbull song that comes on every time I want into the AXO house. I knew that I had made the right decision by choosing Alpha Chi Omega when I got the chance to recruit the new MC 21. I got the chance to fall in love again with Alpha chi while also pouring out my heart to those PNM’s. I am so thankful and blessed to be called a TCU Alpha Chi Omega and I am very much looking forward to this next year!"

MC 20

Makenna Alsup

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"Alpha Chi is the place where I have made my best friends and the people I share the most memories with. Alpha Chi Omega provided me with comfort and a place I was able to be myself in without feeling judged. My favorite memory in Alpha Chi was meeting my big and being able to share such a special time with my twin alongside me. I have met the most amazing people in Alpha Chi and couldn’t be happier."

MC 21

Carson Patterson

"The girls I have met in Alpha Chi have literally made me a better person. From the older girls reaching out and trying to get to know me, I’ve become better at truly wanting to know other people. My whole family being super involved on campus has made me want to impact TCU as well (shoutout Claire O’Connor, I’m your biggest fan girl). And the girls I’ve met in my MC are real friends who support me in everything I do! I would have never dreamed I loved Alpha Chi as much as I do and I’ve only been in it for one semester!"

MC 19

Abby Ranley

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"I have met so many amazing people through Alpha Chi Omega. My favorite Alpha Chi memory was big/little reveal. Getting to add on my sweet little, Alyson, is just one of the many people I have been blessed with since joining this organization. My favorite thing about Alpha Chi is how uplifting and intentional every person is. All these women make each and every member feel welcomed and supported which is why I knew I wanted to call Alpha Chi Omega my home. GO AXO!"

Sarah Martin

MC 20