why alpha chi?


"Being a transfer student was difficult, and I was worried about being able to adjust and find new friends at TCU. I was also a little nervous about joining the chapter at TCU because I went through recruitment at my previous school and wasn’t sure if Alpha Chi would be the right fit for me here. The first time I walked into the house and met new people during work week, everyone was so kind and welcoming and I knew that this chapter would be perfect for me. Everyone I talked to made me feel welcome and included, and took the time to explain to me what we were doing and how I could help out. I love Alpha Chi because of the genuine people who make me feel included even though I am new to the chapter."

MC 18

Elizabeth Adkins

"Being in Alpha Chi was one of the best decisions I made in college. The girls in this chapter have been so encouraging no matter the season I’m going through and being on the executive board this past year I got to give back to the chapter that’s given me so much! From having the best fam (s/o to the tribe) to getting to live in the house and meet some of the sweetest girls in the MC below me I’ve loved every second of being an Alpha Chi."

MC 17

Rachel Pariott


"Everyday since I have stepped in through the red doors of our house, I have loved Alpha Chi. The people make you feel included, important, and valued. Every girl I meet brings so much power and strength to this chapter. But it is mostly the closest people in my life that have made Alpha Chi so amazing. If it wasn't for my Big and my amazing group of friends, I wouldn't have such an amazing time at all the events filled with laughter, happiness, and crazy adventures!!!"

MC 18

Any Carey

"The girls I have met in Alpha Chi have literally made me a better person. From the older girls reaching out and trying to get to know me, I’ve become better at truly wanting to know other people. My whole family being super involved on campus has made me want to impact TCU as well (shoutout Claire O’Connor, I’m your biggest fan girl). And the girls I’ve met in my MC are real friends who support me in everything I do! I would have never dreamed I loved Alpha Chi as much as I do and I’ve only been in it for one semester!"

MC 19

Abby Ranley


"Alpha Chi has provided me a home. It’s a place where I have always felt comfortable and where I can be my genuine self. I have found my best friends in Alpha Chi that will do anything with me. They are the girls that will laugh with you during the middle of the day and also cry over ice cream with you during the middle of the night. Every girl in the chapter is there to cheer you on and want to help you be the best version of yourself. Alpha Chi is the home I didn’t know I needed when I arrived to TCU, but now the home I couldn’t live without." 

Marissa Stacey

MC 17