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Recognizing our 2022 VP Recruitment Information

Today we are recognizing our Vice President of Recruitment Information, Mackenzie Ruof. Mackenzie is a senior from California, and is majoring in business entrepreneurship and management. From her term, she is most proud of the way she and her team were "able to transform the recruitment process into something fun and exciting." Mackenzie says that she has never felt closer to the chapter than she did during the recruitment process, and adds "I just want to say thank you to the chapter for trusting me with this job this past year. Your support and drive to make this chapter feel at home does not go unnoticed."

Mackenzie gave a few tips for the future VP Recruitment Information, the first of which being to support your fellow positions on the board. Take time to get to know each other, and lead with integrity and love. She also says to not forget to thank the chapter for their support, because without the Real Strong Women of AXO, none of this would be possible. Another of her tips is to not let the stress overwhelm you, and and be present in the moment. Her last tip is to form a good relationship and get close with the advisor! Mackenzie says, about our recruitment advisor Trish, "She’s the best motivator and advisor that a girl could ask for, so take time to get to know her because she will be your rock through it all!"

From being on the executive board, Mackenzie has gained real life experience with being a leader. She learned that you should always stay true to yourself in any leadership position, and to do what is best for the overall group. Mackenzie also gained a family through the executive board. She says "I now know that some of these individuals will be in my life forever from Kylee being my future kid’s elementary teacher to Kallen and Lane telling my kid’s about all my embarrassing college stories." Our chapter is so lucky to have an executive board with so much love for each other, and so much love for Alpha Chi Omega.

Thank you, Mackenzie Ruof, for serving as our 2022 Vice President of Recruitment Information!

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