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45 Days Until Recruitment!

As June comes to a close, Iota Lambda is getting so excited to meet the PNMs in less than 2 short months! With Round 2 starting in person tentatively on August 14, there are only 45 days until PNMs walk through Greek Village to start meeting all of TCU's wonderful chapters.

Here at Alpha Chi Omega, our recruitment team is working hard to prepare us for recruitment week. Vice President of Recruitment Kallen Fedele (MC '19) and Vice President of Recruitment Information Mackenzie Ruof (MC '19) have both done takeovers on our instagram page @tcuaxo. Give us a follow if you haven't already!

We all know recruitment can be overwhelming, but Kallen says, "The best advice I was given was to just be myself and enjoy the process— a piece of advice that seems so simple but yet was a game changer. Being your authentic self and allowing others to see your true personality is the best way to find a place where you can grow and people who push you to be the best version of yourself."

I also talked to other members of our recruitment team about their experience with recruitment. One of our Assistants to the Vice President of Recruitment Information Sydney Sharrers (MC '21) said that her favorite memory from recruitment was "seeing how genuine the bonds between the girls were!" She also recalls that "you could literally feel the love and support each sister had for another and each and every Alpha Chi Omega that I talked to was so sweet and authentic and I knew I would fit in and thrive in Alpha Chi!"

Sydney's experience is not unlike my own, or anyone else's that I know in our chapter. It is undeniable that the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega have such a strong bond, and will always be there for each other. Sydney was also lucky enough to meet her big, Lauren Armstrong (MC '20), who is also a member of our recruitment team, on preference night and they clicked right away which was a sign to her that Alpha Chi Omega was where she belonged.

One of our Assistants to the Vice President of Recruitment Anna Wolfe (MC '21) also shared with me that "Alpha Chi Omega has given me a space to utilize my strengths and has provided me a community of girls that push me to be the best and most authentic version of myself." Anna is involved in our chapter in many ways, and is active on our campus outside of Greek life as well. As she said, Alpha Chi is an amazing support system and our members are hugely involved on campus. By clicking on the Chapter Involvement tab of our website, you will see the numerous clubs and organizations that our sisters are a part of. There are also amazing opportunities within Alpha Chi Omega for members to hold, even within the first year of membership.

We recognize that while our sisterhood is special to us, and we all found our homes in Alpha Chi Omega, all 12 Panhellenic sororities at TCU are phenomenal, and recruitment will work its magic for all PNMs to find where they belong. VP of Recruitment Kallen left me with this thought about our Panhellenic community that I would love to share with you all.

"Our Panhellenic community is one of a kind. I have loved being part of this Greek community that is consistently showing love and cheering one another on in every way possible. It always amazes me and makes me proud to be part of a community that comes together whether to help support each other's events or participating in supporting their philanthropy."

- Nicole Kontogiannis MC '21

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