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A Semester of Sisterhood

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It was a semester of Zoom calls, masks, and new restrictions; but, if I know Alpha Chi Omega, then I know that nothing can hold back real, strong women. This past semester has truly been a rollercoaster ride for everyone, with many ups and downs, but as a chapter and sisterhood, we have flourished so much. We started the year off by recruiting new friendly frogs into our organization, but fall 2020 recruitment was unlike anything we have ever done before. Because all of the rounds were via Zoom, we unfortunately did not get to give our new members the full Alpha Chi experience. It may have been difficult at times, but it was the safest route, and we made lifelong connections through our screens. Rushing last semester was one of the most hectic weeks of my life, being on the potential new member side of the spectrum at least. I was worried that I would not be able to make a real connection through a Zoom call and I longed for congenial company. Once the conversation started there was no stopping it. From talking about coffee Keurigs to my aspirations in life, all my worries diminished. I felt instantly comfortable and knew that despite what was going on in the world this semester was going to be an extraordinary one. Once our new members got adjusted to this new chapter in their lives, we got straight to work. October is a very important month because it is Domestic Violence Awareness month. We started the semester off vigorously with our annual Colors for Courage fundraiser where we sold tie dye kits in order to raise money for Domestic Violence awareness. Domestic Violence Awareness is one of the most significant things about Alpha Chi because it affects so many people in the world, and knowing that our chapter is consistently doing everything in our power to spread awareness is truly inspiring. Alpha Chi Omega always manages to look at the bright side of situations. One safe and memorable event we did was a photoshoot with our sisters. With radiant red and green balloons and a breathtaking light up “AXO” sign, our chapter had an exhilarating time posing for pictures - but the excitement does not stop there. We had our big/little week which was one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. This week was full of a great abundance of t-shirts, goodies and gifts. The suspense was killing me trying to guess who my big was going to be but the wait was worth it to find one of my best friends. On top of the new member class finding their lifelong family, we also got to meet our Mystas. Mystas are basically another big sister for us new members. It was such a relief that we got matched with a Mysta because it made us feel more welcomed and accepted getting to meet some of our sisters. We were able to connect one on one with an older girl in our sorority who helped guide us through this chaotic semester. This semester was nothing short of chaotic but all the tough and unfamiliar times only brought us closer together as a chapter and sisterhood.

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