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Advice for Recruitment!!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It’s that time of year again-- recruitment season! Next week, hundreds of PNMs will be moving in and putting their best foot forward in hopes of finding where they belong in a Panhellenic chapter. Recruitment is certainly a daunting process, so we’ve compiled the best advice from Alpha Chi Omega’s executive board to help you! Read on to find out our most helpful tips for before and during sorority recruitment:

Before Recruitment

Recruitment is such an exciting time, and it’s easy to get sucked into Instagram-stalking chapters and get caught up in what-ifs. Instead of imagining which set of letters you want to wear, be intentional about where you want to end up without taking a specific chapter into account.

Alpha Chi Omega President Lauren Armstrong says, “Focus on what YOU want! Before going through recruitment, have a really honest conversation with yourself and write down exactly what you want out of a sisterhood - how do you feel in your dream chapter? What values do you share? Are these women you look up to and feel loved, supported, and inspired by? By having a clear vision of what you are looking for and referring to this idea throughout recruitment I think you will be better able to pinpoint what chapters are a perfect fit for you.”

Lots of women spend hours picking out the perfect outfit to wear to each round. At TCU, Panhellenic has made it easy this year by giving PNMs a shirt for rounds two and three, so you really only have to focus on bottoms, shoes, and a nice outfit for preference round! The most important part of recruitment is to be yourself, so make sure that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. “Don't stress about what you’re wearing. If a chapter judges you based on wearing Target shoes, maybe that’s not the chapter for you! Choose a sorority that wants you for you, not for what you wear,” says Sam Irwin, VP Chapter Relations & Standards.

During Recruitment

Our VP of Intellectual Development, says “Bring snacks and drink lots of water during recruitment!” Especially if you’re someone who is normally more introverted, recruitment can be a very draining process, although very worth it in the end. The number-one priority is making sure that you’re healthy and comfortable throughout the whole process!

The one piece of advice you’ll hear over and over again is to be yourself-- but it really is genuine. Allyson Joyce, VP of Philanthropy, says, “Present your best qualities and unique characteristics that will set you apart and leave a lasting positive and professional impression.”

“Be confident. People will remind you over and over to be yourself, but I think it goes beyond that. Confidence comes from loving who you are and owning your passions, experiences, and background. Be confident during recruitment, and regardless of where you end up - the best version of you will shine through,” shares Ellen Brown, VP Recruitment.

With confidence comes sharing everything that makes you spectacular! “Don't be afraid to brag about yourself! The women at TCU are all so incredibly accomplished and driven which makes our community so special-- this is the time to really be proud of how far you've come and step into your power during these first few formative weeks of college,” Lauren says. Be excited to share your best accomplishments and why you love what you’re passionate about. This is one of the things Sam did, and she found where she was meant to be in Alpha Chi Omega. She says, “I talked about religion in every chapter I went to and that's how I found my people and why I liked certain chapters more than others.”

Just as important as the conversations you have with chapter members are the conversations that you have behind-the-scenes with your Rho Gamma and other PNMs. “Keep yourself surrounded by people who are positive about the recruitment experience and always look for the positive in everything that happens,” Sam advises, “If you don't get the maximum number of chapters each day, don't think about how many chapters you didn't get back, think about the ones you get to visit. I found it super helpful to talk out my thoughts with my Rho Gamma because it helped me express what I was thinking. If you keep everything in your head it's just going to be more stressful and recruitment is stressful enough!”

When all else fails, remember that the sorority women you’re talking to are just as nervous as you are! We want you to love our chapter as much as we do and to want to join our sisterhood. At the end of the week, more than anything else, every woman you’re talking to wants you to find your home in the Panhellenic community. Even if you’re not in the same sorority as someone you have a connection with during recruitment, you can still be friends with them. That’s what makes our community so great!

Alpha Chi Omega wishes every PNM the best of luck during recruitment this year. We are so excited to meet you and we can’t wait for you to find the chapter that will be your home! See you soon!


Alpha Chi Omega Executive Board

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