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Hit A Home Run with PC '21!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

On Sunday, August 22, Alpha Chi Omega welcome our largest new member class to date! Ninety-one real strong women ran home to our chapter and we were so excited to hold an in-person bid day.

After new members ran home to us and got their swag bag in the commons, we boarded a bus to go eat at Joe T. Garcia's, a Fort Worth favorite. At Joe T.'s, new members got to enjoy some delicious food, take pictures with banners made by our Bid Day committee, and meet their new sisters! We also took time for our traditional new member introductions in front of the whole chapter.

After a few hours of fun, we drove back to the Lupton Baseball Stadium at TCU, where we took more pictures with a graphic that had been broadcasted onto the big screen and got to walk in the outfield. Finally, new members got to enjoy a sweet treat in the form of Melt ice cream before their new sisters walked them home.

The sweetest part of the day was getting to know our new members and why they chose Alpha Chi Omega. One of our new members says, "I chose Alpha Chi because I felt like I could truly be myself in every conversation that I had."

"I went Alpha Chi because of all the girls I talked to seemed so genuinely excited to get to know me. It made me feel so loved and special!" says Cecilia Hurtado, another new member.

No matter what their Why Alpha Chi is, we are so excited to have ninety-one beautiful new additions to our chapter! To MC '21: we are so lucky that you chose Alpha chi Omega and cannot wait to see all of the amazing things you accomplish in your time at TCU!

Special thanks to VP New Member Education Abby Ranly, Assistant VP's of New Member Education Mackenzie Isaksen & Kylee Rogers, and the 2021 Bid Day committee for all of their hard work putting this special event together.

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