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Recognizing our 2022 VP Facility Operations

Happy Tuesday! Today I would like to take the time to recognize our 2022 Vice President of Facility Operations, Gigi Gutierrez. Her job encompasses filling the house with sophomores, and maintaining it so it is a place for the chapter to enjoy.

Gigi says she is most proud of filling the house, and buying things to improve the experience for house girls! Personally, I can say I have seen Gigi's hard work first hand, since I live in the house! Gigi did a fantastic job last spring communicating with the girls of MC '21 to encourage living in the house. She has made it such a welcoming place to live, and I'm thankful that I've been able to live here during her term.

For the next VP of Facility Operations, Gigi says that her best tip is to be super organized and timely when it comes to filling the house. From her time on exec, Gigi has gained "a lot of time management and organizational skills" which are essential to this position.

To any members of Iota Lambda MC '22 that may be reading, I highly recommend living in the house. Gigi has helped make it feel like a home, and I'm sure the future of our facility will be just as welcoming.

Thank you, Gigi Gutierrez, for giving Alpha Chi Omega Iota Lambda a place to call home this year.

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