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Recognizing our 2022 VP Finance

Today, we are recognizing our 2022 Vice President of Finance, Liv Brunn. Liv is a junior from Minnesota, majoring in business. Liv is "incredibly proud of the new budget created for the upcoming year," and feels that she delegated money to places in the chapter that all of our members will be able to see and experience.

Her biggest tip for the future VP of Finance is to be flexible with the people you work with. Emergencies happen, and working well with others on the executive board will make things run smoothly!

From her time on exec, Liv "gained a deeper understanding of how our chapter runs." She also grew a lot personally, and feels more confident managing difficult situations. Liv plays a large role in setting up next year's executive board's budget, and she is so excited to see what the next executive board does with it!

Thank you, Liv Brunn, for serving as Iota Lambda's 2022 Vice President of Finance!

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