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Recognizing our 2022 VP of CR/Standards

Today, we will recognize Camryn Sullivan, our Vice President of Chapter Relations and Standards. Camryn is a junior pre-med student from California. She says that she is most proud of the relationships that she has built with the women of our chapter through her position, and gave her the chance to meet so many people that she otherwise wouldn't have.

For the next VP of Standards, Camryn's biggest tip is to trust your instincts and do the right thing. "You will be challenged with a lot of hard decisions and it can be easy to doubt yourself, but you were elected by your peers for a reason and the chapter trusts your judgment," says Camryn. Upholding our chapter's bylaws and standards is essential to our reputation, on campus and nationally, and Camryn plays a large role in that.

From her time on the executive board, Camryn has gained confidence in herself and the ability to be a leader for others. She has " loved getting to work with other passionate women on the exec board" and has "learned a lot from managing and delegating to the wonderful girls that work on my board." Camryn and her board have been working hard all year to keep our chapter in good standing.

Thank you, Camryn Sullivan, for serving as our 2022 Vice President of Chapter Relations and Standards.

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