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Recognizing Our 2022 VP of PR/Marketing

Iota Lambda is approaching the end of our executive term, with elections coming up on November 6th. Before introducing a new executive board, I would like to take the time to highlight our 2022 executive board and all of the ways they've helped our chapter of Alpha Chi Omega grow, starting with our Vice President of PR and Marketing, Katie Sumner.

Katie is junior nursing major, and has served her term working with the social media and apparel teams, and more much. Katie says that she is most proud of how they have reconstructed our social media during her term! If you don't follow us yet, check out our instagram @tcuaxo!

When asked what she has gained most from serving on the executive board, Katie says "I have gained a great sense of leadership and organization skills from being on exec. However, my biggest gain from this position is a greater appreciation for our board and chapter, but also the outstanding women who dedicate so much time and energy to make our sorority better each day. I am forever grateful that I had to opportunity to serve on this board and to personally get to know our chapter and members on a deeper level!"

Katie has done a fantastic job marketing Alpha Chi Omega at TCU to show off the strength of our sisterhood, our on and off campus involvements, and events that we've hosted. For the future VP of PR and Marketing, Katie recommends focusing on organization and communication within the committee. This position is all about promoting Alpha Chi in a fun and creative way, and I know personally, I am excited to see the future of this position follow in Katie's footsteps.

Thank you, Katie Sumner for everything you have done for Alpha Chi Omega Iota Lambda during your term as Vice President of PR and Marketing.

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