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Recognizing our 2022 VP Philanthropy

With Domestic Violence Month coming to an end, today is the perfect day to also recognize our Vice President of Philanthropy, Lane Rippey. Lane is a junior from Denver, Colorado, majoring in psychology, with a minor in Spanish. Lane will remain in her position through our Real Chic Women Fashion Show in February as Fashion Show Chair, even after our 2023 elections take place this coming weekend.

From her term, Lane is most proud of our fall philanthropy event, Walk A Mile. She brought back this philanthropy event that we did many years ago, and it was a big hit! She "chose Walk A Mile and executed everything with our girls in mind first, and they showed what it means to serve the community with a full heart." Thanks to the hard work of Lane and her committee, Iota Lambda raised over $22,000 for the Women's Center of Tarrant County through Walk A Mile.

Being on the execute board has given Lane some of her best friends, and the best support she could have asked for. She says "Through this board and serving as VP Philanthropy AXO has become one of my passions in life. It’s more than just a sorority to me, it’s a family. I know that this board will be in my life for years to come, and I’ve gained so many skills in leadership, organization, planning, and many more."

For the future VP of Philanthropy, Lane's biggest tip " is to never lose sight of the reason we work so hard for the Women’s Center and DVA." She also says "as college women it is our right to be educated and our privilege to help those who are less fortunate. We are women supporting other women first. The Women’s Center staff loves and appreciates us and the work we’ve done over the past 23 years so much, and even if it’s just stopping in to say hi, we are here to help their mission and aid the transformative work they do in the DFW community and beyond."

Here at Alpha Chi Omega, we are so passionate about our philanthropy, and so appreciative of the work that our chapter does to support our local partner, the Women's Center of Tarrant County.

Thank you, Lane Rippey, for serving as our 2022 Vice President of Philanthropy.

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