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What is Healthy Relationships Week to Alpha Chi?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Throughout your life you are constantly making connections and forming new relationships. Creating relationships and bonds with people is truly a beautiful and important concept but being educated on respect, love, and healthy relationships tactics is equally as important. The goal of Healthy Relationships Week is to foster the development of healthy relationships and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. This week’s programming is open to all and includes social media posts and an educational program or resources. It is traditionally celebrated in the month of February around Valentine’s Day. The week focuses on encouraging individuals to define and speak out about what love means to them. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and is different to every single person on this planet. Love means to be deeply connected or committed to someone or something. Love is a feeling or action that absolutely consumes you and makes you feel fulfilled. People grow from love and the world reacts well to acts of kindness. It is necessary and beneficial to always go through life with passion, great intimacy and awareness. Alpha Chi Omega members are dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about domestic violence. Some educational programs that are facilitated by an Alpha Chi Omega volunteer are “Let’s Talk Love” and “Programs with Purpose”. Both of these organizations are devoted to educating their members on dating violence, sexual assault and healthy relationships. These programs are built on learning objectives that help facilitate personal and chapter growth. They also focus on our values of wisdom, devotion and achievement. Domestic violence awareness and Healthy Relationships Week are important because it is essential to prevention and collective healing. Empathetic people supporting survivors will let abusers know loud and clear that we will not allow any type of violence or harm. Healthy Relationships Week will be an opportunity to get educated and involved in making sure love always remains existent.

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